Exhibition Foreword

I wander alone, like a cloud

Waving in the hills and valleys

Suddenly I saw a group

Golden daffodils spring open

In the shade, at the edge of the lake

Dancing against the breeze

- Excerpt "I walk alone, like a cloud" Wordsworth (UK)

Sometimes, when we look at all things in the world, we stand in the distance, and the clouds in the sky seem like the shadow of our own heart, or the sight or the unknown. Everyone can crack the cloud password because it is information from the visible world Your heart looks like.

The theme exhibition was conceived in its midst. The selected art creators also presented their works to view the audience. This projection produced a connection between the artist and the audience, inspiring interest and curiosity. The most interesting thing for our creators is trying to use occasional shapes as the so-called "image" vocabulary element, which is the starting point for creation, for the general public, curious about whether the transmitted picture comes from their lives or more More is want to be associated with it.

I want to be able to float like a cloud in the green water among the mountains freely. I want to see whether it can be like a cloud or not. I want to be able to look like a cloud and overlooking the dusty soil. The scenery reveals your eyes.

Ge Wei remember in Huizhou

February 2018



1、 展览主题名称:《雲中的圖示》

2、 展览时间:2018 年 4 月

3、 展览地点:武汉赏食花样街A104a












Inspiration for solicitation

First, the basic information of the exhibition

1, the exhibition theme name: "the icon in the cloud"

2, the exhibition time: April 2018

3, Exhibition Venue: Wuhan food court pattern A104a

Second, the exhibition organization

Organizer: Meterspace

Third, the collection of works

   (1) The solicitation of works should be solicited from young artists nationwide. All original works that meet the purpose of this exhibition can be submitted;

   (2) Deadline for collection of works: March 28, 2018;

   (3) Call for Papers Requirements: State oil version of carving, installation images, new media, unlimited media, within 2 meters in size and so on.

   (4) The author's photos and resumes, works of pictures + creative process, (electronic image of the file is not less than 2M is not more than 5M), the name of the work, materials, the creation of the age and other works, creative ideas (100 words or less) , Address, phone number (will stay), WeChat (must remain), etc .; works must be original, each 1 to 5 pieces of work;

   (5) Submission of Works: The entries can be sent electronically to the following e-mails: gwlxx @ foxmail.com, 15827198726 @ 163.com, 3158603634 @ qq.com. All selected works have honorary certificates, pictures, media publicity; selected works exhibition shipping costs borne by the artists themselves.

   (6) The Organizer reserves the right to use all selected and award winning works for exhibitions (network and WeChat platform, art galleries exhibition), publication of albums and other publicity without any additional payment.

   (7) The copyright, portrait right and reputation right involved in the work shall be canceled all the qualification for participation, and the author shall be responsible for the solution and responsibility, and the organizer shall not bear the legal liability arising therefrom.

   (8) If not yet notified, the Organizing Committee will have the final power to interpret this exhibition.